Octopus Energy review

Octopus Energy Review

Octopus Energy was founded in 2016 with the goal of disrupting the industry and offering clients with low-cost, environmentally green energy. Since then, the award-winning company has grown to become one of the greatest energy suppliers in the UK, gaining an average of 30,000 new customers per month and now serving over 1.5 million homes across the country.

Octopus Energy takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. You can reach out to the company by email and social media between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week. You can also phone them during business hours if you have an urgent question.

When compared to the typical Big Six variable pricing, Octopus says that its clients save £222 on average. According to our analysis, the company’s variable tariff for a central London postcode was one of the cheapest in the UK, at 14.61p per kWh for electricity and 2.82p for gas. Octopus Energy does not levy early exit fees either. If you suggest someone who is already a customer of Octopus, you will both receive a £50 fuel credit.

Continue reading to see if moving to Octopus Energy is appropriate for you. If you determine it is, visit our energy comparison page to find the best Octopus energy prices in your region.

Tariffs for Octopus Energy:

-Octopus offers three different tariffs: fixed, variable, and green.
-Three smart tariffs are also available.
-Some customers have been compensated for their use of electricity.

Octopus Energy is a market leader in this area, offering a variety of fixed, variable, prepaid, and specialty prices. There are three primary charges to be aware of while dealing with Octopus. Octopusfixed offers a 12-month fixed plan, which is frequently the cheapest option.

FlexibleOctopus is a variable tracker that varies the price you pay dependent on wholesale pricing. There’s also the supergreenOctopus plan, which is the most popular choice offered by the company. It’s the most environmentally friendly Octopus tariff, providing carbon-neutral energy throughout your home. This is because your gas usage is also compensated by the provider.

Octopus is particularly intriguing because it also offers a number of specialized prices for customers who have smart meters. Octopusgo, for example, is made for those who own electric cars (EVs). Every night from 12:30-04:30am, it supplies consumers with four hours of super-cheap (5p/kWh) super off-peak electricity.

Another tax, outgoing Octopus, will reimburse customers for the energy they export if they have solar panels or battery storage. You have the option of using either a fixed or dynamic wholesale pricing.

Octopus also has an agile Octopus rate for those who are more flexible. People can get half-hourly energy costs based on the wholesale market at the moment under this arrangement. Every day at 4 p.m., prices are updated. For the following 24 hours, you will receive a different unit rate every half hour. It means that if you’re on this tariff, you’ll be able to get the most out of your energy while rates are at their lowest.

The agile Octopus tariff may also pay you for using electricity. Thousands of Octopus customers experienced this earlier this year, when an increase in solar and wind energy production resulted in excess green energy that needed to be used.

Prices for Octopus Energy:

-One of the most cost-effective energy providers
-Prices vary depending on where you live in the United Kingdom.

The fixed tariff offered by Octopus is one of the cheapest in the UK, and the company is also very competitive in the green energy market. Octopus’ 12-month fixed rate for a central London address in August 2020 cost 14.6p per kWh, compared to 15.2p for Shell Energy, 15.9p for EON, and 16.9p for British Gas. Bulb, on the other hand, was marginally cheaper in central London, at 14.1p per kWh.

Keep in mind that energy prices vary based on where you live in the UK’s 14 energy areas. (This is partly due to the fact that some locations are simpler to supply than others.) As a result, the cost of your energy is determined by where you live and how much energy you consume; the only way to find out how much money you could save by moving to Octopus is to conduct an energy comparison.

How environmentally green is Octopus Energy?

-As a standard, 100 percent green electricity is used.
-There is no green gas, but the green tariff is carbon neutral.
-Supports international conservation initiatives.

In all of its tariffs, Octopus Energy employs 100 percent green electricity. It gets its energy from renewable sources such as the sun, wind, and water. The parent business of the supplier (Octopus Group) is the largest UK investor in solar farms, and the company purchases its energy from solar farms.

Octopus, like most UK suppliers, does not provide green gas because it is currently impractical to do so at volume. However, if you choose its supergreen Octopus rate, the company will compensate you for all carbon emissions caused by the production and consumption of natural gas in your home. It will accomplish this through collaborating on projects aimed at reforesting and conserving enormous swaths of the Amazon, as well as collaborating with the UK charity Renewable World to provide innovative renewable energy technology to fuel-poor communities around the world.

Customer support at Octopus Energy:

-Octopus can be reached by phone, email, or social media.
-In less than a minute, she returned our call.
-During lockdown, support was provided via several channels.

Octopus Energy may be reached by email, Facebook, and Twitter if you have a question about your account or the process of moving to Octopus. The company claims that emailing the customer service team is the best way to reach them, and Octopus publishes its average response times on its website. When we assessed Octopus Energy in August, it took 14 hours on average to respond to emails, but when the company is less busy, it can take as little as two hours.

You can also call Octopus during business hours if your question is urgent. When we called, a kind and experienced assistant answered in less than a minute. That matches their current averages: according to Octopus’s data, the staff normally responds to client calls within two minutes.

Octopus Energy is the only energy provider where you might be able to communicate directly with the CEO. Greg Jackson, the company’s creator, is still active and works the phones on occasion.

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