Octopus Energy vs SSE

Octopus Energy vs SSE

Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy now supplies 1.5m homes. it’s also a supplier for other brands, including Co-op Energy and M&S Energy. Its customers were proud of all the aspects of its service we rate, giving it five out of 5 stars for the accuracy of its bills, and 4 stars for the clarity of its bills, customer service, how well it deals with complaints, and value for money. The overwhelming majority had experienced no problems with Octopus within the previous year. it had been one of the fastest companies to answer the phone in our snapshot investigation into customer waiting times. Octopus Energy specializes in affordable and sustainable electricity and gas. Octopus Energy aims to supply fair prices for everybody, while providing and maintaining a superb customer service experience, with a support helpline always keeping you connected and 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and water


SSE has around 3.6 million electricity customers and a couple of .4 million gas customers. found out in 1998, it came out of a merger of Scottish Hydro-Electric and Southern Electric, and its full name is Southern and Scottish Energy. Customers gave star ratings and reviews that supported SSE’s quality of service, including their communication with customers, their website’s usability, and most significantly their prices.Customers gave star ratings and reviews that supported SSE’s quality of service, including their communication with customers, their website’s usability, and most significantly their prices.

Octopus and SSE Green energy

Octopus renewable energy is standard lately with all its tariffs using 100% green electricity, they’re no costlier than non-renewable tariffs elsewhere on the market. Octopus received the award for the corporate that’s done the foremost to advance UK renewables from the Renewable Energy Association, and are thrilled to ascertain larger suppliers begin to supply green electricity as standard with their tariffs having paved the way.

Octopus Energy wants to form it clear that by signing up to a renewable tariff, Octopus invests within the generation of a green electron for each electron it supplies from the electricity grid to home.

SSE Renewables is one of the leading developers and operators of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland, striving for the transition to net-zero through continuous development and construction of renewable energy assets. it’s not a fully-fledged renewable supplier, only offering 100% electricity on specific energy tariffs. At the time of writing, the sole tariff SSE has got to offer with 100% renewable electricity is its SSE Fix and Control v2, which may be a fixed price energy tariff for two years, which comes with a Google Nest Thermostat E and Google Nest Hub, and a sensible meter.

Octopus Energy and SSE service

Octopus Energy features a similar help page to SSE, where customers can choose between various topics and they’ll be taken to the acceptable information needed to resolve any issue they could have. However, if customers want to contact them directly they need to locate the acceptable tab within the sink list. Octopus Energy also offers an out of call-center hours email address for you to use if the customer needs assistance, where they struggle to reply to messages within a couple of hours. Octopus Energy is only an energy company and doesn’t offer other services aside from their energy tariffs. But, if the customer has heating breakdown cover, broadband, and phone services elsewhere, then he shouldn’t be too concerned with the extras SSE has got to offer, and instead specialize in the energy products each of the suppliers can provide.

Octopus Energy features a range of fixed and variable tariffs to settle on from, including innovative tariffs and their standard plans. However, regardless of how innovative the tariff, none of them have exit fees. Despite the very fact that it’s almost their cheapest tariff, the Super Green is that the hottest tariff offered by Octopus Energy, presumably because it offers carbon offsetting.

SSE is one among only two five-star rated energy suppliers immediately, and with tons of the ratings generated using Citizens Advice data, customers are in pretty safe hands with SSE. SSE has a particularly in-depth help page on its website, providing help topics across all their services, like energy, broadband, boilers, and heating and your account. Under each topic, there’s a huge array of help within the sort of content you’ll read to resolve any issue. to speak to someone at SSE, the customer can select the category needed help under then choosing a topic, which can give the acceptable number to call. SSE also has an emergency help section for patrons who might smell gas or have an influence cut and wish instant assistance, and offers the numbers needed to phone to urge the proper help.

SSE offers two broadband bundles, Unlimited Fiber and Unlimited Fiber Plus, each with 35Mbps and 63Mbps individually, and offers two energy packs. the client could get the SSE Fix and Protect v2 duty with Heating Breakdown, which accompanies warming breakdown security, an all-day, every day helpline, and parts and work included.

Energy tariffs

Octopus has bunches of Economy 7 tariffs, client power bill will appear to be unique during the day and around evening time. This is because the cost of the power is chosen dependent on the interest for power. Around evening time, there is less interest for power, so the expense per unit is far less expensive than during the day. As a variable tax, the expense of energy will change contingent upon vacillations in market costs. Providers regularly change the expenses of their energy intend to think about additional costs for their closures. This arrangement is double fuel possibly, which means the client can’t select it if he simply needs a gas or power levy. whereas SSE offers four energy taxes, are SSE Fix and Control v2, SSE 1 Year Fix Tariff v2, SSE 2 Year Fix Tariff v4 levy, and Standard duty.

Octopus Energy and SSE Verdict

SSE is the robust competitor – against Octopus Energy, yet in the whole UK energy market. With 100% inexhaustible power choices, breaking client assistance and extra discretionary additional items should you wish to keep every one of your utilities in a similar spot, you needn’t look a lot farther than SSE. with regards to picking a provider absolutely on energy, then, at that point, Octopus Energy is famous for their skill all through the business. Offering 100% inexhaustible power and heavenly client assistance, it’s difficult to come by any deficiency with them.

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