Oracle Accounting Software

Oracle Accounting Software

What Is Oracle Accounting Software?

Among the programs that have a long history in companies and linking between one place and another, is the most famous program, which is called Oracle. It is a program that collects data accurately and soundly and has the ability to keep millions of database information. The Oracle accounting program is a system that works It manages all databases and important information, and works in major companies around the world. Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison, where he worked on finding all the information solutions that were found in the Social Insurance Company without a system, so he established an Oracle company that works to preserve and organize all information. As well as for the ease of dealing with insurance companies, and this made it easier for the rest of the companies to use Oracle to provide good services for the customer.

Oracle Accounting is a language supported by many other languages, which means a preliminary or initial query language, through which the database that has been stored is accessed. And then perform any arithmetic operation on it, such as adding, deleting, or modifying, and that is done in a table dedicated to this. Oracle is constantly updating it so that it has become one of the important basics that connect the servers, which contributed to facilitating any modifications that occur again. Oracle is distinguished by its reliance on a set of utilities for easy and quick entry and exits of all data, such as the form creation tool, the report creation tool, the graph creation tool, as well as a database search tool, and a software tool.

Oracle Database is a relational database management system, known as Oracle or Oracle Database, produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. This database is the first database designed for enterprise network computing; Provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness to manage information and applications. Oracle is not a programming language, it is a relational database, it is a system for managing the relational database RDBM and managing the required business information by converting it into a practical database that helps in making decisions, monitoring work performance, improving productivity, and achieving maximum speed in doing business.

Oracle Financial

It is a program that serves financial management and covers sufficiently their needs. The company that wants to use this program has to address the Oracle companies to use this program, but this program is not valid for use once we address the Oracle, but one of the Oracle representatives, the companies responsible for the implementation of the work, must study the needs What the company needs and adjust the Oracle program according to these needs because the program is valid for all types of accounting in the world. The person with the work team makes adjustments to the program according to what the company needs and they do the setup of the program

Advantages of using oracle accounting

One of the important advantages of using Oracle is that it works with a security system and is based on protecting and keeping data in complete secrecy away from other competing companies, and this is what makes Oracle highly required in large companies because it has an effective and strong organization that works to store multiple millions of information. Also, Oracle can find all queries in different and fast ways.

Oracle provides technical support through the company’s website for the program on the Internet to confront and solve any problem and work on clarifying all information to the user. Oracle is also considered one of the most powerful commercial systems that exist in the transactions of important companies, due to the presence of the Java language. Oracle is constantly developing its tools to serve users, as there are auxiliary products such as Jdeveloper, which works with ORACEL9i, and depends on its programming on Object-Oriented technology and Java. The recently released Oracle 10g version represents a real revolution in the way of connecting servers and working in an environment that is more intuitive in terms of Data Base Administrator requirements.

The language used by Oracle

Oracle depends on its programming on SQL, which is a language supported by all programming languages, whether C, VB, Java, and others, and through which it is possible to access the stored data and perform operations on it such as adding, modifying, and deleting in tables designed through an application. Procedures are written in other languages such as Java -C and SQL can be called Structured Query Language Programming for Oracle databases, which is a structured query language. PL/SQL is a language for writing special programs and functions and it is the language of procedural inquiry like any other.

Oracle Tools

-Data Dictionary Poster This poster is an indispensable tool for all Oracle applications.

-Oracle Linux Commands Poster is a great reference tool for all Oracle developers.

-FormsPack SQL refactoring tool.

-Ignite for Java is the tool responsible for response time.

-TOAD is a great Oracle tool from Quest.

-SQL Developer is a great free tool designed by many people including Vadim Tropashko.

-Script Tools for Oracle scripts.

-Excel-DB is a super-fast spreadsheet data interface that uses the Native API.

Current Oracle versions

The first database to support web technologies such as Java and HTTP started with Oracle version 8 or 8i, where the version name included the letter “i” from the internet to reflect Internet support using the built-in Java Virtual Machine, then came the updated version Oracle 9i which added more support to XML language Extensible Coding was followed by g10 and g11, which included the letter “g” instead of “i” to denote Grid Computing, which allowed a group of low-cost industry-standard servers to be treated as a single unit, and enabled the sharing of hardware resources, thus reducing the cost of infrastructure. for computing.

The most significant release of Oracle in the past 10 years is Oracle Database 12c. This release provided companies of all sizes with access to the fastest, most scalable, and most reliable database technology in a cost-efficient hybrid cloud environment. Release 12c included a series of innovations that helped customers easily convert while saving their investment and resources, and encouraged scaling and easier data management.

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